The school has an open admission policy.  No person, on the grounds of race, color, disability or national origin, is excluded or otherwise subjected to discrimination in the receiving of services.  Nor does the school discriminate in hiring, promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, classification, referral and other aspects of employment on the basis of race, color, disability, age, gender, or national origin.

St. Thomas  the Apostle Catholic School does not discriminate in the acceptance of a student on the basis of race, color, sex or national origin.  The school will give  preference to the members of the parish.  When the school cannot accept all  applicants, those students not accepted shall be encouraged to enroll in the Religious Education Program.

According to the standards of the Florida Catholic Conference and the policy of the Archdiocese of Miami, a pupil entering Pre-Kindergarten-3 must be three years old by September 1st of that year.  A child entering Pre-Kindergarten-4 must be four years old by September 1st of that year.  A  child entering Kindergarten must be five years old by September 1st of that year.  A child entering 1st Grade must be six years old by September 1st of  that year.

Each year, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School’s acceptance policy is reevaluated for returning families.  In reviewing this policy, it is very important to reinforce STA’s educational mission in keeping families together in their spiritual, academic, and social development.