“This is Us” – 1st Quarter

  • What it means to be “human”
  • Beliefs and values, personal, mental, social, and physical health.
  • Human relationships – friends, family, community, and culture.
  • Social responsibility & social justice.

“Express Yourself” – 2nd Quarter

  • Expressing our ideas.
  • Discovering nature.
  • Expressing and reflecting our beliefs and values.
  • Creating and showing our appreciation for aesthetics.

“How the World Operates” – 3rd Quarter

  • Interaction between the natural world, physical, and spiritual world.
  • How humans use their understanding of science.
  • Impact of science and technology on society and the environment.
  • How science and engineering help us understand the world.

“Responsible Earthly Citizens” – 4th Quarter

  • Our responsibility to share resources with other people and living things.
  • Peace and conflict resolutions.
  • How humans impact Earth.
  • Our responsibility to the natural world.