Elementary School (K – 5)

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School provides students with a curriculum that is stimulating, challenging and thought-provoking. Our primary goal is to prepare students to be life long learners that will encourage them to make and be the difference in the world of today. Our Catholic faith and values are always the center of our school and within our classrooms. The curriculum offers unique opportunities that allow students to learn through various methods and techniques. Elocution contests and lessons begin in Kindergarten. These lessons provide skills, awareness and methods that will encourage our students to speak purposefully and clearly. Our hands on approach to learning and exploring create an environment that is filled with rich experiences that promote questioning and a greater quest for knowledge. Teachers encourage students to seek opportunities outside of the classroom that help them further understand the world around them. From entering writing contests, to getting involved in local events, our curriculum and learning does not stop within our classroom, but is active wherever we go. St. Thomas the Apostle creates students that are eager to learn and eager to share. The teachers encourage and guide each student to reach their full potential, with love, care, and faith.