Photius Erasmus, in his excellent preface prefixed to the Greek edition of St. Basil’s works in 1532, and many other judicious critics call St. Basil the most accomplished orator that ever lived, and his style the best model of genuine eloquence. Rollin and all others place him at least in the first class, as one of the greatest masters of eloquence. Photius writes[28] that, “Whoever desires to become a panegyrist or orator will neither need Plato nor Demosthenes if he takes Basil for his original. For there is no writer whose diction is more pure, more beautiful, and more expressive, or whose sense is stronger or more full.” Taken from “The Lives of Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints,” Vol. II by Rev. Alban Butler.

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School offers the students an opportunity to excel in public speaking through our “Elocution Competition.” Elocution is the way one speaks or delivers an oral presentation. Elocution is also, the study of proper public speaking, while paying particular attention to enunciation, tone, delivery and grammar. Our Elocution Competition provides the students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade the chance to bring a literary piece to life. Through the skills mentioned above, each student will memorize and recite a poem or monologue. The students are judged on the following criteria; memorization, eye contact, voice, and acting. The top three students from each homeroom will then go on to compete at grade level. This program fosters students to become life-long well spoken individuals.