Welcome to St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School where we are fostering a community of life-long learners, led by the faith of the Roman Catholic Church, through a transdisciplinary approach to learning, initiated by inquiry in which the students will think globally and display acts of compassion through service.

Our School challenges the students to work independently and fosters the thoughtful informed academic challenge that encourages responsible decision-making within the framework of basic Christian principles. Students are encouraged to recognize, develop, and appreciate the qualities inherent within themselves and to respect, value, and safeguard  the uniqueness of others. Under the guidance and leadership of its priests, administration, faculty and staff, along with their parents, the students grow in knowledge and in deeper faith of their responsibility to their community, their church, and to humankind.

St.Thomas the Apostle School works closely with parents, the primary educators of their children, to develop in the students a knowledge, love and practice of our Catholic Faith as it has been revealed by God through His Church. St. Thomas the Apostle School works to inspire a mature response to that faith which shows itself in the practice of Catholic beliefs and convictions. This response grows to encompass the wider environment of the parish, neighborhood, and the world.

Through educational programs, St. Thomas the Apostle School strives to bring about a natural development of the whole person, spiritually, intellectually, psychologically, socially, physically, and aesthetically. The school is committed to an integrated curriculum encompassing all academic areas.

Through education, the students learn that love is the powerful animator of every Christian’s concern for peace and justice. The organized programs at St.Thomas the Apostle School guide the students to use their individual gifts not only for themselves but for the good of all, so that all may realize their human potential and more readily enjoy life with God now and for all eternity.