Early Childhood (PK2 – PK4)

The mission statement and philosophy of St. Thomas the Apostle are incorporated into the Early Childhood Program by preparing each child for a life long learning through Christian love. The faculty and parents work together to instill and develop a sense of responsibility to self and others, to be self sufficient and to have a love of learning.   The Early Childhood Program is theme-based, using learning centers designed to entice ad motivate children to learn through interaction of developmentally, appropriate materials and equipment. These learning centers allow the students to choose activities, which interest them, thus enabling them to become active learners.

PYP Programme (Grades PK3-5th Grade)
The PYP Program is a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning that focuses on the development of the whole child. With an international focus, it addresses the academic, social, physical, emotional, and cultural needs of students. The program elements include the learner profile, specific attitudes, a concept-driven curriculum, and the understanding that socially responsible actions are an integral part of the learning process.
The curriculum framework incorporates these five elements by asking three inter-related questions:
What do we want to learn?
How best will we learn?
How will we know that we have learned?
Academic subjects are studied in themes and explored in ways that transcend conventional methods. Teachers and students design units for exploration and study, guided by series of questions and student inquiry.