We are currently pursuing the Florida Catholic Conference STREAM certification. STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) incorporates 21st century learning in an effort to prepare our students for the future. Our teachers are trained and ready to implement a project based learning environment that delivers a global awareness of the world around them while enhancing skills they will need to be successful in this ever-changing world and still instilling our Roman Catholic Faith.

The computer lab, or sparkSTAtion, is the creative brain of our campus – an open and active learning environment that strengthens critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and engagement in STREAM. At the sparkSTAtion, students in grades Kinder – 8th will design, tinker, and innovate utilizing robotic components, computers, 3D printing, and crafting materials. Imagine the possibilities!

This technology program supports and enhances the way STA teaches religion, literature, math, science, language, and art. The sparkSTAtion will provide students with an array of powerful tools and is a place for students to develop creative solutions to authentic challenges. Students learn the design process and explore making with both “bits” (physical materials) and “bytes” (digital materials). By the end of 8th grade, our students will have learned basic computer applications and computer science fundamentals such as binary numbers, algorithms, and image representation. The sparkSTAtion lab will use tools to fuel the imagination with everything students need to bring their ideas to life!